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Facilitation - Engaging People

Work would be so much easier if it weren’t for the people”. Perhaps you’ve heard this, or even said it?

Have you ever sat through a meeting and then the real meeting happened after the formal meeting ended and out by the water cooler?

Trained and experienced in leading edge facilitation methodologies such as The Skilled Facilitator, Kelcy designs facilitated sessions that focus on effective group processes and human interaction skills that help groups communicate better and work more effectively together.

Are you planning?

  • An off-site retreat
  • A special project a group is about to embark on
  • A business planning exercise
  • A strategic plan
  • One-day or multi-day meetings

We can help organizations of all sizes:

  • Clarify your outcomes
  • Plan the agenda
  • Design the meeting processes
  • Facilitate the session
  • Document the outcomes

We can even facilitate your meeting virtually using internet based meeting tools such as WebEX.

Talk to us about on-going developmental facilitation to help groups strengthen their ability to work together over time to produce an outcome. Kelcy can work with your team to change ingrained patterns of behaviour to create more productive relationships and consequences.

The Power of Visualization

When we can see it, we can change it! Kelcy draws on visual planning tools in facilitated sessions to help groups ‘see’ the work they are creating. Using creative graphically illustrated templates for charts increases a common understanding, engagement, and mobilization to act.